North American Bed Sizes

North American Adjustable Twin Size Bed

Photo Credit: US Beds

North American bed sizes are generally dictated by the US market, with measurements being in imperial units (feet and inches) and standard sizes being twin, full, queen and king size. Although Canada technically uses the metric system most beds and mattresses are still sold in imperial units (even IKEA, who sell worldwide in metric units, sells imperial equivalent sizes in Canada). In Mexico all beds are sold in metric sizes, with the names for Twin and Full beds most commonly being Individual and Matrimonial.

Twin Bed Size

Standard Size: 3'3" x 6'3" (0.99m x 1.91m)

The North American twin size bed is a single person bed, there is an extra long version known as the Twin XL and an extra wide version known as a Super Single.

Twin XL Measurements: 3'3" x 6'8" (0.99m x 2.03m)

Super Single Measurements: 4' x 6'3" (1.22m x 1.91m)

Full Bed Size

Standard Size: 4'6" x 6'3" (1.37m x 1.91m)

The smallest two person bed available in the US and Canada is known as the Full bed, again there is an extra long version known as the Full Extra Long at 4'6" x 6'8" (1.37m x 2.03m).

Queen Bed Size

Standard Size: 5' x 6'8" (1.52m x 2.03m)

There is also a variation named the Olympic Queen at 5'6" x 6'8" (1.68m x 2.03m).

King Bed Size

Standard Size: 6'4" x 6'8" (1.93m x 2.03m)

The North American king size is also sometimes known as the Eastern King the the United States as there is a variant King size bed known as the California King 6' x 7' (1.83m x 2.13m). The California King is also known as the Western King, West Coast King, Cal King and the WC King (although we wonder how this last name came about and always find it rather amusing).