Australian Bed Sizes

Australian Traditional Wooden Bed

Australian beds are sold in metric measurements usually being specified in centimetres, despite this the widths and lengths tend to correspond to round numbers in the old imperial measurements (feet and inches) rather than being sold to the nearest five or ten centimetres as is the case in Continental Europe and Mexico.

Single Bed Size

Standard Size: 0.92m x 1.87m (3' x 6'2")

There are two commonly found variant sizes, the Single Extra Long 0.92m x 2.03m (3' x 6'8") and the King Single 1.06m x 2.03m (3'6" x 6'8").

Double Bed Size

Standard Size: 1.37m x 1.87m (4'6" x 6'2")

Extra long double beds are generally only available as Queen and King size.

Queen Bed Size

Standard Size: 152cm x 203cm (1.52m x 2.03m or 5' x 6'8")

Queen beds in Australia are almost invariably found in the standard size.

King Bed Size

Standard Size: 183cm x 203cm (1.83m x 2.03m or 6' x 6'8")

As with the Queen size, Australian King size beds are very rarely found in variant sizes.